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Viral Speak 09/11/2005
Compassion comes from the Latin words Compat (To Understand/Compatability) and Passion (To Suffer). To have compassion for someone is to understand their suffering. Later definitions of the word try to inject the idea of doing something about it into the word. As it stands, the term compassion is only a description of "feeling someones pain" and is an entirely useless concept when it comes to getting things done. I suppose I could never be a socialist, nor could I be a communist. Because I believe this saying, while certainly grand sounding, is entirely unconcrete when applied to a Federal standing.

"It was once said that the moral test of Government is how that Government treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the elderly; and those who are in the shadows of life, the sick, the needy and the handicapped..." - Hubert H. Humphrey (1911 - 1978)

The United States of America is a democracy. We have a governing body that protects the democracy and the ability of each of our 50 states to govern themselves. This governing body is our Federal branch. The federal branch would be the Supreme Court, Congress, The House of Representatives, and the President. The point of a president is to preside over the care and protection of each individual state, as a whole, with respect to their individual governments. The government in a democracy is YOU; if you are a US citizen. That said, I think that we take care of our own people. I am pleased with our governments ability to handle the aftermath of catastrophes like floods to an extent. I am disappointed with the government (Louisana's governer, and the elected mayor of New Orleans) for over-reliance on the federal branch. The federal branch is not meant to be an "Act of God" insurance policy. In fact, the federal government should be a last resort in any "Act of God" disaster situation. The Red Cross, World Vision, and thousands of other non-federal, private organizations rushed into action immediately after 9/11 and immediately after the levies burst in New Orleans. I want to commend them for showing that our government (We, the PEOPLE) works perfectly fine. There are quite a few things that bother me though and I would like to clear the air on them.

1. The flooding in New Orleans may not be entirely the fault of the hurricane. Yes, the hurricane moved a ton of water; but the water was lower after the hurricane ended, then rose again about a day later when the levees broke. Reinforcement of the levees could have prevented the flooding. New Orleans is run on socialist doctrines that dictate defense, first alert, and maintainence on the lower end of the scale while routing tax payer money into social programs that revise educational books to promote "self-esteem" over "self-reliance." I suppose that a few officials are silently thinking about the text books under the mud in quiet embarassment. The money spent to teach kids about "Heather's Two Mommies" could have been used to prevent "Heather" and her two mommies from losing their God-Damn house.

2. The flooding is an entirely different type of catastrophe than 9/11. Pretend you are driving a car for a moment. For those "hippies" out there, a car is a thing with four wheels that you sit inside that takes you from place to place. You know, the large metal object outside your house that smells like a bong. Anyways, pretend you are driving in your car and you know that your tires are treadbare. Katrina is like all four of your tires popping because you let them go treadbare. September 11, 2001 is like someone shooting several bullets into your car. The federal branch controls the overall military, and each state government controls their own services. In the case of four busted tires, you call the towing company, not the marines.

3. The idea that racism is the reason why the marines did not rush out to change your tires is ridiculous. A hurricane is color-blind, and hurricanes tend to rip through Florida to destroy the homes of old, "rich", white people all the time. The reason you do not see as many deaths as they expect to see in Katrina's case is simple. The mayors of those individual Florida cities evacuate their people before major hurricanes. They even charter buses from local schools to cart out the people who may be unable to evacuate on their own means. They also do not close the roads out of town while people are trying to flee.

4. I can not wait for the tin foil hat nut jobs with their "global warming weather machine" conspiracies to come out of the woodwork. I find them endlessly amusing.

That said, I'm not going to comment much more on the hurricane or September 11, 2001 in this part of Viral Speak. I know I said I dislike talking politics in Viral Speak; but people apparently enjoy talking politics. I guess I have to talk politics. I would much rather get into debates on PSP VS DS, Jack Thompson, the Game Boy Micro, etc. I run a handheld video game site. I like to talk about video games. Not on which political party mascot is currently raping your ears. Do I blame Bush for flooding in New Orleans? No, I blame the people who did not fix the levees. But, I am pretty sure those union workers lost their homes, so they got theirs. Judging from the testimony of people I know who vacationed in the French District of New Orleans: The place may be damaged, the smell may be pungent, the people may be running wild in the streets; but at least nothing has changed.

Anyhow, I like Viral Speak! You like Viral Speak! It is ORANGE SODA for the SOUL! LOOT US LIKE WE'RE WAL-MART!

Philip is listening to:  The sound of torches outside the window.

PSP rules. I'm gonna buy all the games when I get rich and I don't care about the movies, mp3s. The games are so innovative and fun to play with, it makes my heart go boom!boom! Heh heh. With ironic regards from a Ninty-fanboy. ;) - Amon
Philip: I think that "PSP" stands for Poor Sales Performance in regards to software/hardware movement in Japan. If the line up does not heat up on the unit, the PSP will be doing Game Cube numbers in Japan by Fourth Quarter 2006. Oh! Satire! I must be tired today.
Actually, that "beetle game" is MushiKing and it's from Sega. - Deguello
Philip: Hmm. Thank you for the correction. I wonder if MushiKing would sell in these Estados Unidos. I think that it would be interesting as a bargain title at least. I mean, we never get the train sims and horse racing games. We also never get those anime style dating games. I wish some US publishers with an eye for risk would go ahead and bring over games like Azumanga Diaoh or Chobits to the US market. I think that -with some interesting agreements and limited quantity promotionals- those games could actually sell to the crowds that purchase or take part in anime merchandise.
Dude, I just heard the neatest thing outside my window. A guy stomped on his brakes so hard that they squealed, and half a second later, I heard him smash into this other guy's car. That's so cool, I'm gonna go watch Infinite Ryvius now! WHEEEEE! - Latté
Philip: DUDE! That's cool!
You should categorize the reviews by system. I just bought a DS and want to browse reviews for its games. It's lame having to fish through all of these GB and GBA titles. - Javil
Philip: Originally, I was going to have the Nintendo DS have it's own section. However, despite Nintendo saying it is not a successor to the GBA, the Nintendo DS has a lot of sequels to GBA games on it. Since it is also a Nintendo family handheld, I lumped it into the same category as the Virtual Boy, Pokemon Mini, e-Reader, and Game & Watch games. Sorry for the confusion that may cause. Once the Nintendo DS has enough released games (with reviews) to warrant its own section, I may give the touchy-feely system a place of its own.
If you were a mollusk, what kind of mollusk would you be? - The Heptagon
Philip: Well, not a clam. That is for sure.
To answer your questions about "Lost Magic", it's by Taito, and yeah it's an RPG. - Thores
Philip: Thank you! And to answer your questions: Yes, only on Tuesday, 42, and toss it in the lake.
Hahaha! Genshiken. They're translating the manga as well, you know. I saw the second issue at Chapters last week. I had read the first one... it was pretty funny, definitely illuminating; I wouldn't want something like that in my house, though. Much too scary.
PS - You may wish to fix your pawprint links, they're currently mapped to your C: drive. - TK421
Philip: I like geeky anime about anime geeks. It is extra ironic. Especially if you cosplay as an anime geek.
A Viral Speak a week? Isn't that a lofty goal? Shouldn't you try for once a year first? ;) - Hbomb
Philip: Weeks in my world beat a year of most peoples.
Bwohahaha, my triumphant return... or something... anywho... what do you think of the extreme pricing of the GBM? If I had the extra cash lying around I'd get one, but unfortunately I don't... - Kaden KyaRel
Philip: I already set aside a bit for the Micro when it comes out. I'm getting a black one. I think the price is right, considering the screen resolution, the metal chassis, the form factor, and the size.
C'mon man, I'm lusting for some VS updating.. - Blowtorch
Philip: Viral Speak, breaking hearts since 1998.
holy...  you're still doing this!?  I used to write into Viral Speak all the time back when it first started!  Time to catch up on things...  I'm assuming you're excited over Lost In Blue like you once were for Survival Kids? - Aaron Jennings
Philip: Yup. Still doing this. Lost In Blue is REALLY DAMN AWESOME. Although.. part of my enthusiasm for the game was sapped by Atlus sending me a reviewable of Trauma Center. Go ahead and ask about it. It is indeed sweet and I can talk about a lot of the game, except for plot. Dude.. Trauma Center is freaking awesome. There's a level where you DISARM A FLIPPING BOMB. Is that not cool? That's cool.
you suck - rahul
Philip: Oh dear, we knew thee naught!
Have you seen and or played the recently realeased F.E.A.R. demo? If so, what're your thoughts? - Cody E.
Philip: Seen that, got the t-shirt. Anyhow, I think the game is pretty cool. Not something I would buy, because I've got so much other stuff to buy, but I think it's more of a try before you buy experience. F.E.A.R. is pretty cool.
That is not nice, saying you hear Dumbledore DIES in the next book. You ass, Philip. You're such an ass. - Sarah
Philip: I may be an ass. But.. this Viral Speak submission was before the book came out.. and I CALLED IT! So, here's my prediction for the next book, since I seem to be batting well. (I guessed Sirius would bite it in the fifth one.) Luna is dead by the end of the next book, Hermoine and Ginny get it on inside a vat of chocolate pudding, and Ron finally confesses that he loves Harry. Oh, and Snape is secretly Tonks in disguise.
"We're a Nintendo site and a lot of people are sick and tired of political bending here. I say we leave politics to AT FREAK SHOW at Snowflake Studios."
It wasn't like anyone was holding a gun to your head and forcing you to actually post this!  If people didn't to read this, then you could have simply hit "delete" in your inbox bud.  It's your site, and if you don't want to post what's submitted, THEN DON'T POST IT!

"Also, a lot of these internet junkies think the attack on the pentagon was a missle and the fourth plane didn't exist. I know people who had family that died on the fourth plane, you inconsiderate conspiracy pricks."
Who were these people then?  Also, since these family members cared so much about their own, don't you think they would rather know the truth than be lied to?
As for your rant on Alex Jones and WING TV I apologize... I didn't realize that I would create such a firestorm of a response from you, man.
However, if you're going to rant, the least you can do is get your facts straight.
1.) WING and Jones are NOT racists (to his credit, Jones does not allow "racist" comments on his radio show).
2.) The racist/not racist argument is CRAP!  THERE IS NO COLOR LINE!  IT DOESN'T EXIST!  White?  Black?  Mere terms to divide people.  These imaginery boundaries, THESE FICTICIOUS LINES THAT ARE DRAWN, only serve to divide this country.
3.) You do not honor the dead through silence.  In my mind, the truth matters.  I know that if a family member of mine had died on 9/11/01, I WOULD WANT ANSWERS!  I would want to know the truth.
You can choose to post it or not as this is your website.  If you do respond, the least you can do is your own research first. - Thomas Holbrook II
Philip: This is a cumbersome and hugely boring post, so I placed it at the end of the Viral Speak. I am posting it because politics amuse me. Even though my opinions on politics got my site banned from several schools and China. Hello! We're NSFW, MOFOS! Back to it now!

For one, I never called Alex Jones and the Wing TV people racists. But that is what they fundamentally and idealogically are. To be precise, they are Anti-Semitic National Socialists. Last I checked: Anti-Semitism is the same as Racism. They are not Globalists, and they are not Communists. They are closet National Socialists who would rather we not care about the rest of the world we have to live in. While it is tempting to say: "America for Americans!" That just echoes Hitler's "Germany for Germans!" rhetoric. Hitler was the greatest racist. A short, ugly man with a knack for public speaking and playing on the selfishness that resides in people. I watched quite a bit of their online media and it comes off, from their wordings, that they think very lowly of black people, christians, and arabs. Saying arabs are "not worthy of democracy" or as worded by the angry lady who co-hosts: "not worthy of ever obtaining freedom... weak and stupid." Sounds like a couple of winners there. Is that a bit of "Savagery" I detect in their speech? Oh, wait: They don't like him either. But onward we go. I think saying that 9/11 is a "Bush conspiracy" is like saying "The Holocaust didn't happen, Jesus, Allah, and Buddha never lived, The Rape of Nanking is lie, we never landed on the moon, and AIDS was invented to hurt Black people." In other words, I think it's the most dangerous kind of bullocks: "Recycled Bullocks."

A lot of the "evidence of conspiracy" from 9/11 "skeptics" smacks of Holocaust denial. For one: The basis of 9/11 skepticism is the idea that our government attacked their own people for the benefit of ISRAELI oil contracts. While Moore pushed the idea that it was about oil in Afghanistan and Iraq, the real underlined belief is that disrupting both of those countries oil manufacture output was intended to raise stock in Iranian Oil and Israeli oil. Is there oil in Israel? Well, there IS currently drilling for it because of theologians saying that the Dead Sea Scrolls and other ancient Hebrew text predicts oil will be found there one day and -when found- will be more than Iran, and Iraq combined. But as of today, no oil has left Israel. Now, in April 2002, Saddam threatened OPEC with a denial of oil if Israel did not give up land in the Gaza Strip. The US invaded Iraq a bit later. Now, if 2+2=5, the invasion of Iraq was to protect Israeli oil stock by preventing a controlled price hike in Iraqi oil. Thus, the Israelis would be the ultimate bad guys in a huge massive conspiracy for oil. Well, hold the phone there for a moment. Anyone who knows the history of the Israel would currently know that a few things are true.

1. The British armed the Arabs before they left Israel on October 1, 1948.
2. The UN officially approved an Israeli state on November 29, 1947. The original borders did not include the Gaza Strip, and Jeruslem would be under UN control - not Arab, Egyptian, Jordanian, or Israeli rule.
3. The fights that ensued after the Israelis got to the area set for them were bloody, innocent people were slaughtered by both sides, and at the end of the day, the Israelis had set up encampments beyond their own borders. They had captured nearly twice the land set aside for them by the UN. Had the turn over of land been peaceful, this would not have happened.
4. In 1967, the Israeli government said they would pull out troops from the Gaza Strip and other areas won in the Six Day War in exchange for peaceful negotiations and disarming from both sides.
5. Egypt and Jordan agreed to these terms, but continued pressure from Russian armed, Anti-Israeli groups like the P.F.L.P, P.L.O, Al-Fatah, and other have seriously delayed the pull out of troops from that area because of safety concerns. Neither Egypt or Jordan owns the land the Israeli's won in the Six Day War. However, they still tried to lay claim to it leading to the Yom Kippur War. Other nations used oil contracts to keep America from doing the right thing and helping defend the only democracy in the Middle East at that time. The Israeli Military prevailed through that war and the original peace terms were abandoned.
6. This has pissed off many people for a long time. Sore losers, apparently.

A few things should be known about Israel.
1. One of the only Middle East country where Burkas are not required by law.
2. The ONLY Gay and Lesbian friendly Middle East country with organizations and parades.
3. The fights in the Gaza strip are akin to gang warfare between the Israeli military and sanctions of other Middle East Russian, and African militaries. Both sides slaughter innocent people.
4. The heart and core of these "gangfights" lay in religious differences. The fights there are no different than the Catholic/Protestant wars that wailed in Europe. Both the Talmud and the Qa'ran state that enemies must be driven out from their land (Talmud) or destroyed completely (Qa'ran). So, yeah. Nothing short of walling both sides in will stop the fighting.

At it's core, 9/11 Denial is the same as Holocaust Denial where the eventual conclusion is that the Israeli State or "THE JEWISH STATE" is the master hand. You may not notice it yet, but that's where it eventually leads. A lot of holocaust denial is the repetition of "alternative facts" and "shocking exposed lies" presented with simple and logical facts left out in an effort to make the deaths of millions (the holocaust) and thousands (9/11) into "propoganda by evil governments for money and power to benefit Israeli Blood-Oil." I am now calling it 9/11 DENIAL, because skepticism and denial are two different things.

Take this example: If you were involved in a traffic accident, and it looks like the fault of the other person, the skeptical way to view this is to look at what mistakes you did that lead to that accident. Stating points where it may have been your fault and what you could have done differently is being skeptical of your own innocence in the matter. Denial is saying that it must have been orchestrated by the car company that made your car to get money from your insurance company.

So, that is 9/11 Denial.

It's the idea that the accident (9/11) is the fault of the car company (The US Government) and the insurance company (Big businesses). I think big businesses can do very bad things in other countries, and that the laws in other countries need to change to prevent those businesses from doing that. I think American companies should be subject to all appicable AMERICAN laws everywhere they go. But back to the subject at hand. I think the fascination with 9/11 Denial is the same mental logic breakdown that has people clamoring for the latest diets, or herbal medicines. So, I will reference a site on alternative health care myths. Here. I think the best way to describe 9/11 Denial is this direct quote: "Another slick way for quackery to attract customers is the invented disease." The entire Bush is stupid/lies/Hitler/etc & Jewish people are evil/greedy/etc is propoganda. These people are not educating you, they are selling you excrement to make money and line their own wallets. They do this while you wallow in your own belief that you are "getting the Truth" or somehow are being made "Smarter Than The Masses." They appeal to people with weak egos, and a slight paranoia. The computer term is GIGO or Garbage In, Garbage Out. If you eat enough of their crap; all you will be able to do is spew back more of the crap. In other words, you drink snake oil & fight bad carbs until you're dying on the floor thinking that you're healthy.

Now to get into some technical stuff that's just interesting enough that I wanted to mention it here.

On Flight 757: Cordite is a smokeless powder made from Nitrocellulose and Nitroglycerin that would not leave billows of smoke like we both saw on those documentaries you let me have. The smell of Cordite is the same as gunpowder or a campfire smell. Had a missile hit the side of the pentagon, there would be a cordite smell, and NO SMOKE. But, there was smoke, TONS OF IT. Hmm. Why was that? I'll get to that in a moment. Now, since cordite, burning grass, and burning debris ALL SMELL THE SAME, wouldn't that make some of the "eyewitness" testimony quoted to disprove Flight 757 a bit confused?

On smoke and the towers: The planes fuel tank is a bit suspect. On a few of the sites, the EEPA announced the smoke around the buildings was not toxic, the truth of the matter is that the smoke given off from the destruction of the fuel tanks in the planes IS and WAS toxic. Here. Fuel Tanks have to have limits to oxygen exposure to prevent them from making a plane into a huge freaking fireball. Now, here's the interesting part! After such a plane crash as occured in New York, the tanks were most likely ruptured. The resulting leaks of over 10,000 gallons of fuel into the air makes the area highly flammable. Also, this would end up being a chemical fire. The sprinkler system would be able to cool down the temperature, but the sprinklers in most office buildings are meant for smaller fires, not the full fledged heat that fuel caused. The amount of smoke means that the sprinklers were able to reduce the heat from the fires, but not completely enough. Now, I'll get back into why they collapsed the way they did later.

On the clean-up: Honestly, if there was several billions of dollars worth of GOLD sitting in a hole in the middle of New York, wouldn't you want to move that quickly to avoid theft? A lot of the pictures taken of structure damage on the Denial sites is taken from excavated and ALREADY CUT OR BROKEN DOWN FOR DISPOSAL pieces. So, saying it was pre-damaged is like saying an eaten cake was pre-digested before it landed on your plate.

On victims families: Yes, members of the church on base, and readers of this website are related to people who died in those crashes. I got many e-mails and I would rather not publically make those available because I have something the likes of Alex Jones do not have: Respect for life and decency. Maybe, you have never had anyone very important to you die. So, I'll just chalk that up to you being inexperienced. The last thing you really want when someone important to you dies is massive publicity. With the way the media was after 9/11, the constant replays of the news and images, are more than anyone would want to remind them of their loss. That's like going to a co-worker who's mother died and saying: "So, is your mother really dead? Did you watch her die? How was the area around her when she died? I made t-shirts questioning your mother's death, wanna buy them? I think I'll make a documentary saying your mothers death was your fault, because of your political views." See what I'm saying? Dragging people out like that is reprehensible, morally bankrupt, and I will not do it.

But I doubt that, reading this huge and unorganized rant will change your opinions on what you think is the truth. I mostly enjoying ranting, but I would rather rant on and on about video games. I don't "have" to post the stuff you send in, but I like to. I find it entertaining. I do think that a lot of it is pure drivel and place movies from Alex Jones and his ilk in the same category as "Der Ewige Jude" or "The Triumph of Will." But I do love to watch them.

I know you outside of this site and I think you are a very bright young person. However, you have a tendancy to listen to a lot of illogical sources and place some blind faith in them. Hey, just because Joseph Smith reads out of hat, doesn't mean what he's reading out of the hat is accurate. Know what you believe and why you believe it, then back it up, research it, and reinforce it fact by fact through many sources. I think it is good to have an open mind, just not so open that your brain falls out. I think you should find some logical and historically sound ground to hold on to. For example: it's easy to say that two planes couldn't possibly knock down a building. Now, you have to investigate EVERYTHING for yourself to know if that's possible. For one, you have to research what the planes and buildings are made out of, the properties of the metals they are made of, etc. Ever see car crash videos? A small car (For example, a 1978 Volkswagon Buggy, weight: 1 ton.) going 25MPH (Maximum average human running speed) will burst right through a solid eight inch thick brick wall like it was nothing. In order to take off into the air, a 747 (800 TONS) has to go 180MPH and that speed has to increase in flight to keep the plane flying. The 747 has a cruising speed of 600MPH. When it hit the WTC, it was most likely going about half that. But 800TONS at 300MPH still has some serious force to it. Also consider that the plane SPED UP before the impact. When a plane loses speed, you encounter the effects of turbulence. Turbulence is just moving air and winds pushing against the plane and slowing it down a bit. This loss in speed is what causes the shaking. Without enough thrust and speed, planes would encounter that turbulence and just plummet to the ground below. The engines on the planes are what prevent it from stopping and falling. For example, if a plane hit something massive and got stuck in it, eventually, those 800 TONS of weight would cause it to fall through the rest of what it got stuck in, destroying everything below it. That would be why it collapsed the way it did. Add that 800 tons with the combined weight of the floors ABOVE the plane. Office furniture, computers, servers, chairs, desks, safes, people, and more. Logical facts from credible sources, not the opinions of people who get paid to give you their opinions.

Interesting fact: The SP in the Game Boy Advance SP stands for Special Performance and is a direct nod toward the 747-SP, a smaller and improved version of the 747 that Pan-Am started using in 1976. Oh, the 747 is a "wide body" plane. Meaning, the thing is fatter than many similar planes. The 757 is a thin body type. An interesting thing about the 747 is that, unlike cargo planes, the 747 has four engines designed to seperate from the wings without rupturing the wings of the 747 in case of damage. Example: Extreme Turbulence (loss of control due to extremely strong winds -or- extremely low altitudes at high speeds) could actually rip an engine off of the four engined 747. The engines are held together by a few seperated rods and are not part of the wings. Interesting thing to know next time you are in a 747. The engines that keep the plane going are designed to fall off safely. Do not worry though, a 747 can still be landed/flown while missing an engine. I've been on a 747. I have also been on a 737 and a 757. Personally, I like wide body planes more than thin body types. That said, when I landed in California this last year, I was in a slim body and it was probably one of the WORSE landings I have had out of the times I've flown. Wait. I flew "space available" to Panama with my family once. Four plus hours on a cargo plane, and you will think Delta is luxury. We had to wear earplugs and the amount of shake was HORRIBLE. Still, I love planes and prefer to fly via plane than travel via train, bus, or car.

Yes, I love being boring and rambling. But I can make it short: "Your heroes are idiots, and you should be smarter than that."

Oh, yes. You just got 0wn3d.

Facism in action!
They are stupid heads!

Aftercourse: IGN thinks Shantae will dance on the PSP. I think that's the best way to assure low sales.
(Buy her game and Sigma Star Saga or suffer greatly!)
Support Wayforward or DIE.
Will she be hidden in Sigma Star Saga?But S.T. is hotter!