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Viral Speak 08/01/2006
Can the industry rise from the depths without E3? I certainly hope not. The ESA may be able to protect video games by sueing federal governments over laws that weren't voted in by the populous. Although, if a video game related law gets passed by a voting public and the ESA sues.... that would be a true indication that the ESA is NOT about protecting us at all. The sooner they make that slip and are disolved, the better. I think we all felt a collective pang of "huh" followed by pain when E3 2007 was announced as being "restructured." The idea to be a smaller convention with more focus on PANELS is the real threat here. In case you forgot, E3 has several panels before the main convention room floors are opened. These panels are worse than the ones at GDC and more expensive. Yes, E3 has panels they charge (sucker) people into attending. The amount of people paying to be suckered into those was down, so there we go. Oh, well. There are other conventions, and it also saves money. I guess we should be focusing on PAX, Otacon, A-Kon, DragonCon, ComiCon, CES, and others now! Woo?! I know there are a lot of smaller conventions in Texas, and other strange states that may be worth covering.

Maybe this could be good for companies in the USA. Suddenly, we could have a huge flow of information? Well, if you're willing to PAY FOR THAT INFORMATION, just like you had to pay for some of the GDC keynotes this year. It's great for letting companies lie about things and hide them. Remember that you're now going to be getting a lot of information straight from company white paper regurgitated by places like IGN who had people who NEVER LEFT their respective boothes at E3. This is like saying: "Hey! With all those people who get into the Super Bowl, coverage of it may be skewed. So, let's only let a few people watch the Super Bowl and then just have them tell everyone else how it went and who won!" Oh, well. I guess it isn't too big of a deal. Maybe the conspiracy dumbasses could find a way to blame it all on Bush? Yup! That'll be in revision three (or four!) of Loose Change. See that speck of dust right there? It's Bush and Cheney in a helicopter, remotely controlling the pentagon missile which will lead the ESA to end E3! Also, the Patriot Act is a secret code from the Priory of Sion to CANCEL CHRISTMAS and MURDER HAPPINESS.

I have to admit though, E3 gave us wonderful things! I shall name those wonderful things for you! GIZMONDO, NUON, PHANTOM, NGAGE, "My Name is Reggie," "Attack It's Weak Point For Massive Damage," and so much more! If it hadn't been for E3, we wouldn't have craptastic G4. This is no way to start up Viral Speak again. But I have to admit that canceling E3 puts a serious damper on the whole "having sex in the empty back boothes of Kentia Hall" thing. Sadness. But that's what A-Kon elevators are for now! YAY! All hope is restored! Hey, there's always -as the press releases I got today state- OTHER CONVENTIONS. Like one in AUSTIN TEXAS. Check out this press release I got today. O_O

I'm sure you've heard the announcement that E3 is downsizing next year from a zoo of 60,000 attendees to a smaller, more manageable invitation-only crowd of 5,000.  Good for them!

But what does that mean for you?

Well, if you're looking for a great event to cover that would be happy to have your journalistic-prowess, look no further than Austin, Texas, September 6-7-8.  Come join us at the Austin Game Conference for insight into multiplayer online games, game writing, casual games, and game audio from industry experts. 

What we lack in booth babes, we offer in top notch headlining speakers (Blizarrd's Rob Pardo, Michael Dell, film producer Jon Landau, author Vernor Vinge), major players (Sony, Microsoft, EA, Dolby, Intel, and more), and atmosphere (Austin, Texas).

The AGC allows the press the special opportunity to speak with some of the biggest and coolest names in the industry -- all in a laid-back setting with a margarita in hand. has all the details.

Press registration is open at

Wow, just wow?
I dunno. It's starting to look like something I would consider. A bit late right now; because E3 made me all broke. But yeah, I'll keep it in mind for next year, maybe. That said, I still want to plan some sort of California thing next year because I wanna hang out with the Glass family again. We didn't get to Knott's Berry Farm last time; but I definately want to hang out with them for a few days and just party with my staff. You know? At least we won't have to worry about.. hehe... FUZZY.

What terrifying changes were in store for Viral Speak?
I was toying with making it a "Viralcast" only thing. Then decided against it. I was gonna make it like a radio show where the posts you send in would be like "calls." But I figure that making it just the way it always was may just be a better idea. So, strap in and ENJOY! I hope I get some quality Viral Speaks in here!

Philip is playing through: Riviera on the Game Boy Micro, again. I had to special order Summon Night. But I will have it! Sure, parts of the Riviera plot are cliche; but they are over-used for one single reason: THEY WORK. And in this game, the characters and the battle engine drive the game. I love the characters and the battle engine. Therefore, Riviera is one of the best damn games out on the Game Boy Micro and you need to BUY IT.
Philip is watching through:
"Take Care of My Cat," again.
Philip is currently planning to murder:
Doug Lowenstein? Nah.
Philip is listening to: A few things really. For one, go here and download! Then go here and download (or buy) the soundtrack to Riviera ARRANGED. Also, I have rediscovered my love of the theatrical because of the soundtrack for WICKED. The book is pretty swifty too. I really like the song "Defying Gravity." I like it so much, I made this image.. well.. sort of. Here you go!

When is there going to be new content??  Hit me with it! - shoa
Philip: Here you go then! SMACK! Seriously, I have no idea when new content will arrive. It doesn't make itself though. Oddly enough.
how can i find the firemans hat in nintendogs? - stephen small
Philip: Wander around the edges, the top edges of the map anyhow and you should be able to find it. Or buy Nintendogs: Dalmation and be happy.
Did you know that has a poll about reviving  it or not (or I don't care)? Well, now you know. Infect others. - Amon D. Luffy
Philip: I would vote to revive it. But I think I should focus on reviving DMG ICE first!
I just got my DS! I are happy! - Cheeba
Philip: This was back in April too. Yeah. I've been hoarding these for a while. O_O Why haven't I been faithful to updating? I blame it on all the sex. See! Woman's ruin things with their hotness and stuff.
Remember the golden ages of the forum? Man those were some good times. OGs and word associations. Just some random reminiscing. Kbye. - blademonki
Philip: Jazz always hated those. Anyhow, I've been lurking on NEOGAF and at 4CR's boards. YES. I LURK! Fear my lurkiness.
I read your comment on Kotaku regarding the Wii's Launch Day..
"I need to know the release date soon Nintendo, I have to take a few days off work for it."
A-friggin'-men.  The hospital where I work wants vacation approval forms completed at least one month in advance, and preferably more for longer vacations (a week or more).  I'm probably going to take the Wii's launch week off, so Nintendo needs to keep us in mind.. - HylianTom
Philip: I know! It will be a holiday for my religion. The thing is that it launches with Twilight Princess. I was blindsided by the first two trailers; because I wasn't sure what to expect. When they showed the trailer with Link transforming.. I cried tears of joy. The Legend of Zelda I want captures the emotional gravity of Link's Awakening, the epic feel of Ocarina of Time, and the quirky, yet playful darkness of Majora's Mask. Twilight Princess captures all of that PERFECTLY. Then Nintendo gave out those little Nintendo DS cards with the trailer so I could watch it again and again. This was Nintendo doing what I wanted them to do since the announcement of the Game Cube. I wanted Nintendo to get off their collective asses and start giving us solid content with an edge to it. When you look through the years, Nintendo games have evolved quite a bit. They weren't balls to the wall violent or bloody; but they weren't all happy and cheerful for the sake of being cheerful and happy. They were original feeling, special, something new and fun. They created worlds with rules all their own. They were something you didn't expect. Like when people suddenly realized that Samus Aran was a girl, or when you discovered a hidden block for the first time. When you ran around burning random trees in hopes of finding a secret. Those were games where anything may happen. I have no intention to read any FAQs or guides on Twilight Princess. I want to take it in and enjoy it.

Remember those twists? I love it when a game throws us something we didn't expect but suddenly feel we should have. Like in Link To The Past.. when you get there to rescue Zelda and YOU FAIL to save her. Thus you get cast into the Dark World. Those things, the incredible depth the NPCs had in Majora's Mask. I want a Nintendo game to elicit emotion inside of me again. I want to feel the way I did when I first stepped into the Forest Temple. Where there are no limits, and that is where I hope wii will go with Twilight Princess. I want to be made to feel guilty when I fail and joyful when I win. Or better yet, I want that victory to come with a cost. A cost that makes me feel like maybe waking the Wind Fish wasn't the BEST thing for the people there. I want the lines between good and evil to become blurred. I want to be sympathetic to that which I must destroy. Remember when you first saw Star Wars? Not the new trilogy.. the old trilogy. Back when it was a shock that Darth Vader was Luke's father. That how could our hero have been the son of the ultimate evil? An evil so callous and cruel he destroys whole planets without thinking twice. I don't think that $600 paperweights will be able to capture that, especially with where they seem to be going in games. I am playing through Riviera again; but I started my little sister up on Final Fantasy III (FFVI) for the Super Nintendo. I didn't tell her anything aside from a few general tips: "Wait for the last moment, yummy fish are faster, and try to level up evenly." That's all I told her and it all comes as a surprise to her. Which I think is perfectly fine. Celes, Terra, and the rest of the crew are able to elicit emotions and greatness WITHOUT millions of dust polygons. That's just stupid. I hope this realism fad for games dies with the PS3. That won't make your games better. Good ideas will make your games better. That's the true cutting edge. You don't make amazing music with an expensive computer with hundreds of dollars worth of equipment for sound manipulation. You make absolute SHIT with that kind of set up. You make amazing music with just an acoustic guitar and a vision. Congratulations Sony, I look forward to NOT buying your shit. If the Wii doesn't end up bringing amazingly fun games, then at least they tried.
Last January, I made a New Years' resolution not to get a PS3 or a PSP.
With its $600 price tag for the PS3 and the asshattery of its officials, it's nice to know that Sony is helping me to keep that resolution. - Bron Raven
Philip: I heard those were pretty comfortable, asshats anyways.
On Friday I was in my local used-games store and BOOM. There in the GBC section was a copy of Survival Kids. And there was much rejoicing. - TK421
Philip: That game is, hands down, one of the best games ever made. Yes.
don't panic chapter one:
PROPS. - fpbrush
Philip: I aim to please and I hope I will get the chance to continue to aim to please.
What kind of name is "Wii"? - Hbomb
Philip: A name that tickles the back of the throat?
I feel so unloved. - Hbomb
Philip: But we love to pick on you. Don't worry. *gives Hbomb a hug* Hey! Watch your hands. O_O
Foy, Pastry Sex, and Tubular Luggage.
If you know these, you've been here too long!
I seriously read too much Viral Speak.  OH... and if you only read a few, make sure to read 7/31/2000 and 11/14/2000. *grins* - Akemi
Philip gives Akemi a hug: Hey! You've been here forever too! But yes, good times and the prelude to many more?
Do I get anything extra if I buy two copies of Summon Night: Sword Craft Story, expect from the pleasure of owning two things out of one thing?  - Amon
Philip: There's one copy to play and one to let a friend borrow. Also, you could put the two in a shoe box and shake it until you get three? I heard Atlus games can do that. Well, later for now peoples!

Aftercourse: It's been so long, and Sigma Star Saga made me realize that Wayforward -which could do no wrong on the GBC- can do no right on the GBA. Therefore, I hope Wayforward makes good on the DS. For now, though. WE'RE YGGDRA APPROVED! No, really.
Now where did they hide the MINT?