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Viral Speak 07/06/2005
Back again with some Viral Speak! I heard the term "Viral Marketing" a lot this week with a lot of Nintendo Revolution speculation and leaks. It occurs to me that Viral Marketing is a lot like Viral Speak. Viral Speak is what you have to say and what I have to say in response. Viral Marketing is just what you think companies have to say. In other words, Nintendo could come out and say: "The Revolution will be a unique device." And people will go off on their merry way photoshopping helmets, ads, and making statements that everything is this or that. I think Nintendo is inadvertently feeding on the fundamental truth about the internet: The Internet is imaginative. Viral Speak is interesting and imaginative, so is Viral Marketing. Well, whatever. On with the stuff! So, enjoy thoughts on video games, politics, puppies, the 32X, and other stuff!

Philip is listening to:  A few random birds outside. Silly birds are chirpy and delicious.

WING TV: The alternative to propaganda.
9-11 On Trial: Did jet fuel really bring down the twin towers? - Thomas Holbrook II
Philip: I watched a bit of Wing TV and I have to admit that I have never been a globalist or particularly fond of other countries. Yet, I believe that all people should be given an opportunity to embrace democracy, make an honest living, and live free of dictatorship. Even in Iraq. Watching a bit more has made me wonder something. Does the name stand for White Idiots Now Grumbling Tenacious Vitriol? I mean, seriously. If you put enough stupid racists into a room, they destroy each other. That is what is happening with Alex Jones and these people. The lists of people "paid off" just sounds like your average amount of juvenille jealousy by jaded junior journalists. Well, I do not respect the opinions of certain editors at G4, PSM, Next Generation, IGN, GameSpot, Joystiq, and others: I don't hate them or accuse them of accepting bribes for good reviews, etc. Because that is simply a waste of my time and theirs. I think that Matt Cassamina is a little picky sometimes and Craig Harris has differing opinions from my own. But neither of them is a puppet for Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo. They are nice, respectable people who I happen to think are doing a good job at reporting and journalizing the news.

The idea that the buildings in New York fell because of a controlled demolition isn't really that far off. It makes sense that there would be a combined attack. Remember that Al Queda has tried to use multiple car bombs to blow out the buildings before and that was fairly not successful. Now, a combined attack from both air, and in the panic, the ground makes a lot of sense. However, the government would rather you think that these people aren't smart enough to do that. Also, a lot of these internet junkies think the attack on the pentagon was a missle and the fourth plane didn't exist. I know people who had family that died on the fourth plane, you inconsiderate conspiracy pricks. As for the pentagon plane being a missle instead? Well, we are in Cuba's range and goodness knows the last thing you want to tell people is that a concentrated multi-national effort is being used on them by countries right outside their own borders. But, who cares.

The more conspiracy theories, Bohemian Groves, Cremation of Care, Burning Man, Shriners, and Illuminati stuff I read about on the internet, the more it looks like just bad fan fiction by basement dwelling fat people with cowboy hats. I guess, if there were anyone with a D, G, S, or an L by their name in the White House, these people would be too busy attending their Klan meetings instead of filming themselves pretending to be intelligent. Personally, politics makes for poor Viral Speak subject material. We're a Nintendo site and a lot of people are sick and tired of political bending here. I say we leave politics to AT FREAK SHOW at Snowflake Studios. I personally don't care.
*sniff* where'd viral speak go... :( -fpbrush
Philip: Puppies ate it. I had to get enough points to get it back. Silly puppies.
Hey hey! Haven't submitted anything in awaile. Just have a few things.
1. Tell me which is better, Warioware Twisted!, or Kirby Canvas Curse? I already have Touched, but I want to know which is better.
2. Can you explain what this REALLY is used for?
3. How does a virus type? After all, a virus is technically dead...
Okay, i will shut up now. - Yoshi_of_America
Philip: 1. Wario Ware Twisted is an incredibly awesome game, better than Touched. Kirby's Canvas Curse is also incredibly awesome. Both are worth purchase. But for now, get Kirby first.

2. When you submit your information here, it reveals your IP to our tracking robots. They then sit outside your window silently and watch you. Why? I dunno, they've been doing that for a while. We aren't recording anything because I have no space to hold that. But we are watching you. Part of the information is sent back to Nintendo for analysis. They then decide on product designs to match what they see.

On some nights, we sit back and play drinking games while we watch. Everytime someone picks their nose, We have to drink a shot of Blavod, the official black vodka of DMG Ice. Everytime they turn on a video game system someone has to chug an entire bottle of Corona Extra, the official trashy Mexican beer of DMG Ice. Everytime one of our readers gets attention from the opposite sex, we break out the Bundaberg Rum, the official rum of DMG Ice with a kick ass polar bear as it's mascot. No wonder we never update.

As for Virii being dead? The are the Virii of the UNDEAD! WOOOOOOO! FRIGHTENING!
I'm the new Scottish gentry - Latté
Philip: Dammit! I thought you were a delicious coffee drink! YOU HAVE RUINED MY SOUL!
So, you're gonna be an uncle. Is there any specific advice that you'll be giving your niece or nephew down the road? - Hbomb
Philip: Well, that is easy! Stay away from cartooning, for those of us who draw are the dredges of humanity! Naw, I'll just tell them this specific advice: "This is a book, you have two choices. Read the book, or I hit you very hard on the head with the book. Only one of those options will be enjoyable to you, choose wisely."
Do I have an easy name to remember? I was once called something else. I have put shame on my previous name, so now I have decided to name myself Amon. So, GBE? Anything to get excited for? Personally, I think it's still to early to get worked up for it. I still think there's some life left in GBA. What are your thoughts about it? - Amon
Philip: Well, I think it will have a specialized ARM11 CPU coupled with a custom GPU from ATI based on the original "Gecko." I also think that it will have an SD slot on it so you can download games from your Revolution, then pop them right into the Evolution for play on the go. Which will be nice. That's it for now on that subject.
Hi how i got Mystery Ticket and aurora ticket ? on which homesite? - simon
Philip: From either Nintendo.. or e-Bay.
Not sure how relevant this would be, but I thought I should bring it up.  While trying to write a review for the Nintendo DS to post on GameFAQs (my user name is "mikaa," if you want to see what evil I have wrought), I was forced away and had to stop.
Reading over what I had later, I realized several interesting things I had written.  I have a bad habit on comparing things, especially electronic devices and situations, when there are simmilarities between one object and another.
I found simmilarities between the DS and the Sega 32X and Saturn systems.
Before you, the reader, go nuts over what I had to be smoking to think of THAT, let me provide you with required reading before I move on:  This link takes you to a superb site that houses one of the best archiving of video game history, and in just reading it before I go on, you might see where I am going with this.
Did you read?  It'll help you.
Now, to what I realized:
The Sega 32X was, despite what many claim and what the media has forgotten over time, nothing more than an extension of the Genesis system, with enhanced graphical abilities, better sound, and higher specs.  The system was to bring the Genesis into the 32-bit world, alongside the Saturn.  Ironically, the latter system was a rushed refit of the original Giga Drive (ie - the original successor to the Genesis/Mega Drive), and its US release was rushed to beat the Playstation.
Now, here is what bothers me:
The DS was practically announced out of nowhere early on in 2004.  The earliest I remember hearing solid proof of it was in February.  The only thing anyone confirmed at that point was the dual screens, with rumors running around.  At E3, Nintendo presents the DS, and at first glance, I thought the system looked ok, with the touch screen, N64-style graphical abilities, microphone, GBA abilities, and the wirelessness.
But then I looked at a VERY high quality shot that Game Informer had in an article, and realized something odd:  the DS's design was one of a prototype.  Compared to the PSP, the DS looked VERY bad, very blah, and very raw.
And then I did someting that made me think even more:  I tried to think of game concepts for the DS.  I quickly realized that, while the idea of two screens is great, and the touch screen is nifty, the hardware would have to improve drastically, or have a larger media format to truly execute the games that I thought up.
And then I thought about the touch screen.  And the mic.  And then I read what Nintendo said about games not really needing to use both screens, and not needing to use the touch-screen, that they were optional.
Ladies and gentlemen, who out there has NOT read or heard any bashing of a DS game for not making the use of one of the special abilities of the DS?
If you want to know what in sam hill this rant has to do with the 32X and Saturn, I'm getting there.  The 32X was an upgrade of the Genesis, and at one time was seen as a back-compatibility device for a planned Genesis/32X hybrid called the "Neptune."  This system would have had the 32X upgrades built right into the Genesis system, with possible upgrades, and would allow for owners of the old Genesis to not abandon or spend an arm and a leg for new games.
Now back to the DS.  Notice all the features (touch screen, mic, etc) and system upgrades (ie, buttons, graphics, etc) and the media formats (ie - GBA and DS)?  Imagine, if you will, what kind of rushed upgrade for the Game Boy lineage would be like if Nintendo was worried about another system taking the market out from under them, say, the PSP?
Also remember that the Sega Saturn was rushed to market in the US in an attempt to beat out the Sony Playstation, and in doing so had very few games and/or ports, verses the (then) PSX's large library.
Fastforward to Winter 2004/5.  The DS launches within months of being announced, and has a library of mostly ports, extensions of demos from E3, or games that use all of the "gimmiky" abilities of the DS (remember, two screens, touch screen, mic, etc).  What did the PSP have at launch?  A large library of games, some PS2 conversions, but far more new titles than the DS, and they took advantage of the hardware (try playing Wipeout Pure or Lumines - I have).
And on another note, did anyone besides me notice that Nintendo broke at tradition with the DS?  They released it in the US BEFORE they released it in Japan.  The DS is the ONLY system to have done so from Nintendo, and its quick appearance and release hint at the possibility of a rush.
(Side Note - It is my personal theory, based on various interviews, that Nintendo was not concerned with the DS launch in Japan, as the Japanese are far more willing to accept the system for the hardware alone.  That, and look at Nintendogs...)
It really bugs me that the DS reeks of rushed efforts, but then I wonder...  What if the DS was basically the GBA hardware slapped together with enough enhancements to make it what it is now, with the extras added in to try to draw people to it?  I know Nintendo has a nack for great games, but good lord, the thought is scary.  Nintendo is the only company that has survived to keep making hardware and games since the fall of Atari and the crash of 83, and to see so many simmilarities to Sega, especially when they rush out enhanced ports like Metroid Zero Mission and Mario vs Donkey Kong, I get worried.  By the way, anyone heard about the Revolution using the DS as additional controllers?  Does this reek of GC-GBA connectivity, or is it just me?
One last thing before I flee the pitchforks and torches:  Supposedly, the next Game Boy (which, before the DS, I called the Game Boy 64), will be revealed at E3.  Given that it is supposed to be a GAMEBOY, it SHOULD have full back compatibility with the GB/C/A software, as well as its own media format.  Assuming that it only uses one screen, it would not be able to play any DS games, should the media be the same.  And unless Nintendo is suicidal, the GB64 (or whatever it's going to be called)
would need an all-new media format.  If you could play a GB64 game on your DS, what would the purpose be of buying a GB64 in the first place?
Sorry for ranting out like this.  If you have any questions, comments, or would like to drop me a line for whatever (reasonable) reason, you can reach me at
Thank you for your time. - Mikaa
Philip: Well, I wanted to get to your post before E3, because you definately thought this through and make a compelling arguement. However, I think Nintendo has used E3 as a way of proving the DS is not just a passing fling and may very well be a successful third pillar for Nintendo. The PSP simply did not bring many games to E3, and Nintendo reiterated a dedication to keeping the GB and DS lines seperate. I think we will see a slimmer version of the DS around the same time we see an upgrade for the Game Boy Micro. I think that the DS was not rushed. It was probably intended, at one point, to be part of the Game Boy line and then seperated from it. The purpose of Option Paks and the Game Boy Micro is to de-emphasis the DS's GBA compatability. I think that GBA compatability was kept in the unit as an added value. The whole N64/GB & GC/GBA connectivity things were a bit daffy at points. However, DS/Revolution connectivity appears to be actually useful. Being able to use the unit as a wireless hub for downloading and internet play on the DS is a good idea.

I always considered the 32X to be a bit of an added value device and not a real system. In the same way that the Super Game Boy, and Game Boy Player are added value devices. The Nintendo DS treats it's port 2 like an added value device. So, the DS is closer to the Genesis in that it's an upgrade from a Master System. In fact, the Genesis originally launched with a device to play Master System games on the unit. I think that before we get a DS2, we'll get a slimmer version of the DS and an add-on for the DS that plays an expanded/writeable media similar to Compact Flash in shape. A bit of a 64DD for the unit, if you will. That's all speculation though?

Facism in action!
They are stupid heads!

Aftercourse: IGN thinks Shantae will dance on the PSP. I think that's the best way to assure low sales.
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