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Viral Speak 04/27/2005
It has been a while since the last Viral Speak, the people had all but given up hope! Where was Philip? Why was Philip? WHEN WAS PHILIP? The truth is on Ragol. I find myself going back to PSO lately. One thing I find fantastic about Nintendo's "Revolution" is the backwards compatability. This means, I can keep playing the older games as well! So, I have no need to worry about not playing Resident Evil 4, or the new Legend of Zelda. I hope the Revolution features some of the same docks as the Game Cube, so I can attach the GB Player to it as well. I also hope the Revolution uses HD hook ups out of the box. My TV supports all the current High Def hook ups. If anyone knows where I may find some under $25 Component Cables for the Game Cube, let me know! I'm working on some of the research for my last "The War Machine" editorial. It shall be interesting! Other than that, I suppose the only other thing I felt like mentioning is that E3 is on the way and I couldn't care less about the Xbox $360, or the PS3-PO. This E3, handhelds will -once again- be the kings. The PSP has something interesting to prove since GTA was delayed into December, and GT4 is also a Christmas title. It will have to prove that more than just MOVIES will come out for it to bide time. The lists I have of PSP GAME titles to be shown at the show is fairly small. The list of Nintendo DS software is actually fairly long. Between now and Christmas, over 100+ Nintendo DS titles are scheduled to be released. Not counting movies, the PSP is getting only a little more than half of that number. By E3, the amount of movies on the PSP will be nearly in triple digits though, so enjoy your $250 VideoNow Player, people. Although, I suggest everyone buy Wipe Out Pure. It is worth your time, unlike the glut of crap titles that launched with the PSP. Twisted Metal BLAH. Both portables (DS/PSP) will be able to go online and browse by the end of the year though. Remember to TOUCH DMG ICE. Stroke us lovingly.

Of course, if Nintendo shows off the GBE at E3, the PSP will be dead in the water.

Philip is listening to:  A few random selections on my iPod. What's currently playing is "Time Stand Still" by Rush. Here's a few that I may listen to while I do this Viral Speak, just in case you wanna be cool, like I am.

"Hookworm" - 10 Minute Loop
"Castles Burning" - Annie Lennox
"Lord of the Dance" - Chris Clark
"A Night Like This" - The Cure
"Face 2 Face" - Cloud 2 Ground
"Daylight" - Delerium
"Jukebox Hero" - Foreigner
"Last Song" - Theory of a Dead Man
"Kaleido Scope" - Ugress

Yeah, a small sample of the weird variety of music I like. I think this song about sums it all up: "My Week Beats Your Year" - Telefon Tel Aviv.

I was gonna say, "Boy Phil, the rise of DMG Ice from the ashes has given me a new lease on life."
Then I realized the truth was, "Boy Phil, the rise of DMG Ice from the ashes has caused me to lose my lease on life and spend all my time on the computer at three in the morning while all my flesh and blood friends forget that I exist." - TK421
Philip: That it does. Foy owns you. Hey, if anyone else wants to waste time, I'll be back on PSO soon. Just for the Hell of it. We could beat on Peeps.
i read 'sarah speaks up' for the first time today because the news blurb promised "hot sexy musings".  upon loading the page, i was plesantly surprised to find ELEVENEXTREMELYDELECTABLEMUSICALSELECTIONS!  because of this i believe sarah and i should marry. - fpbrush
Philip: She certainly is a Nintendiva isn't she? I heard she's accounted for though.
Philip: And thus, we have the entire editorial staff of G4 in a nutshell.
I want a can of hash and some coffee. - Cosgrove
Philip: I suggest you try Burger King. Oh, sweet potato circles! How delectable thou art!
Philip: It's WATCHING you. See, love the comment box! Carress it with all of your tentacles. LOVE! LOVE! LOOOOVE! It makes sexy for giant robots.
Oh yeah, I forgot about this website! Buh bok bok bok! - BuhBok
Philip: And yet you now remembered. Amazing. Just pure amazing.
I want Tetris Attack on DS, more than anything... since we didn't get Nintendo Puzzle Collection in the states we could get it on DS at the very least here! Wireless and one-cart multiplayer would be perfect. What about a 3D mode like PKPL for the N64, but you had to move your stack with the touch screen? We should really start a petition. Lumines is nice but Tetris Attack? They ain't even ready to have it. Put some freaking media behind it like they do the Zelda games and Mario Vs. - Adam Pearson
Philip: Better yet, remember Mario's Picross, or Yoshi's Cookie? Both of those would make good DS games. Touching revolutionizes puzzle games, it needs to be done. You'll find Meteos to be a little similar to Tetris Attack, but yeah.. I hear you on that.
Phil your website more braindead than Terri shiavo... BEFORE she died. spreading the love,  ~Boss64
Philip: The only problem is that she wasn't technically brain dead. She was kind of knocked retaintative. Kind of like how Christopher Reeves was for a few days after his accident. Sadly, we didn't get to starve HIM to death. Someone should alert those feminist groups and tell them that the only reason Schiavo had to die was because she was a woman. After all, their lives are worth less than, say, Christopher Reeves. Although, since we can starve people to death in this country, doesn't that open up some great ideas for reality shows? We could get a few celebrities together, beat them into retaintativity, and not feed them for a while. Last one left alive wins a cash prize, or a cheeseburger. Well, it's a nice idea and we'll probably see Seth McFarlane rip it off from us somewhere down the way. *rolls eyes*
These months have given me time to ponder, to shuffle loose my old beliefs and tastes. DS? PSP? 2D? 3D? The meanings of these acronyms, once so clear, now blur as my eyes gaze across the boundless sea.
I now know what matters. The bananas are after me.
Perched high in their tree, they eye me with cool malevolence. And the last one I tried to eat nearly gagged me! I could almost hear it scream as I smashed it, half bitten, on the sea rocks.
It's war, and I will win it. - Bron Raven
Philip: Don't let the bananas hold you down. They with the ripened peels are not the ones to inherit the Earth.
I miss you don't you miss me? - Mandy Moore must hate me :-P
Philip: I'm sure she still feels the same lust for you as always.
I demand more viral speak! - Jesus
Philip: Thy will be done. When God shines light on something as vicious as Viral Speak, you know that not only are you doing the right thing... you're doing God's Work. Yes. Viral Speak: It is on a Mission from God.
Aliens are invading the world: - Thomas Holbrook II
Philip: I figure the Church of the Sub-Genius may help actually. If we all ascribe to SLACK, then the Fists of Ironic Disposition will not devour us. Besides, devouring is for Cthulu, you know? Actually, I read "Children of the Matrix," too.

*sets Philip on fire* - Hbomb
Philip: Hmm?
when are you going to review pokemon ruby & sappire? - dsgamer05
Philip: Soon. VERY soon.
You haven't done a VS in like 2 weeks. Been busy? :-P - Sarah
Philip: Maybe.. know anything about that?

Still Pretty Funny!
They are stupid heads!

Aftercourse: Will Shantae dance sexy at E3?
(Buy her game or suffer greatly!)
Support Wayforward or DIE.
She has her TECH DEMOS right there!But S.T. is hotter!