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Viral Speak 03-17-2004
We like the SPEAK! Cuz' it is GOOD to us! Oh, we like it and we love it like you would a child or your mother! But your mother isn't here! So we talk about her! We like the SPEAK!
Philip is listening to:  Super Mario Bros. 3 music. In particular the music in the overworld for World 4. YAY! The craziness is spreading. I love the music in Super Mario Bros. 3 the best. Well, my favorites of the Mario games -music wise- are these.
Super Mario 64.
Super Mario Bros. 3
Super Mario Bros.
Super Mario Land
Yoshi's Story
There you go!

Actual Updates? My ass. - Boots
Philip: You forgot the "is overcome with sexy excitement" part of that post.
hi how are u. what is going on here - davo
Philip: Absolute pandemonium is what is going on here. Thank you for asking.
reading the last viral speak made me notice two things:
1. i tend to show up more than once in the viral speaks. yay for me.
2. i have an uncanny ability to make myself sound dumb.
that being said, the funniest 2 expressions in Tom Sawyer are "Your granny!" and "By jingoes!" - Darkman
Philip: Actually, you don't make yourself sound dumb enough. So, we put up special Dumb Amplifiers on the text to increase the amount of dumb per your post by 150%. Congratulations.
TK421!  Why have you left your post? 
 I don't believe I need to ask permission to use my own initals!  Sorry if this freaked you out, Stormtrooper.
And what is this "crazy" stuff, Mr.PAW???  Don't make me whoop some A**!!  muhahahahahahahahahaha  You WILL suffer greatly, and no, you will not enjoy it!  As you know, the "force" is strong with me. ; ) - TK, but not TK421
Philip: I work for the Sith. Yay me.
Hey, I'm not that old. - Hbomb
Philip: Mentally anyways.
hey i need some help. - lance herbert
Philip: It would have been nice if you had mentioned what you needed help WITH. Ah! The joy of SLEEPING awaits me! Sorry for the short one. 'Kay? Ah, Hell. A few more!
BUY MY BOOK! (clunk)
BUY MY BOOK! (clunk)
BUY MY BOOK! (clunk) - Josh
Philip: See those "Mid-Shift" ads on the site? Those are his. Buy his book. It is tripled layered to prevent stains.
Has anyone seen the fake Yugioh cards? They don't have that cool holo thingy at the bottom-right hand corner.
     Hit me back, just to chat, your biggest fan, this is the Mastuh of Disastuh - KILLKILLKILL!!!!!! (AKA The Mastuh of Disastuh)
Philip: Nope. Haven't seen those. But, I'll take your word for it. :-)

Nachos Tacos!
(Buy her game or suffer greatly!)
Nothing to do with Subs.
Shantae Super-Sizes me!