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Viral Speak 02-29-2004
Leap Day! Leap Day! Totally Excellent! Anyways, it's the very first -and not the last- TAG TEAM VIRAL SPEAK! It's Double Trouble as the Dynamic Duo of Philip Wesley and Hbomb take on your questions and comments! We like exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!
Philip is listening to:  Metroid Mix 1 & 2 - Philip downloaded a bunch of Metroid related mixes and such from OC Remix and various other sites. He then put them on Audio CDs and is currently listening to them. On a side note, I now own four copies of Face Ball 2000.

Just wanted to inform the world i smacked me self in the nose hardcore while air drumming. - Darkman
Philip: Congratulations, you've saved us all the trouble!
Hbomb: Can I still set him on fire?
Where did I go wrong? - Howard Dean
Philip: I would say somewhere between E and YAAAUGH; but that would be trite. I would say when you said you raise my taxes to 70%. I'm LOWER MIDDLE CLASS. Only touch my taxes if you intend to CUT them.
Hbomb sets Howard Dean on fire.
That's the last time I install the Netherlands version of Windows XP on my laptop... 
"Uw computer is nu een compeet, gemakkelijk te gebruilken communicatiecentrum waarmee..."
Oh yeah, good job on 6 years Phil ;) - Infinity_Yak
Philip: Couldn't have done it without you, man. Oh, my ICQ is bustified. So, if you get on Yahoo, MSN, or AIM.. I need to speak with you. 'Kay?
Hbomb: And be sure to wear pants. :)
It freaks me out that there is someone else whose initials are TK, and who uses them in common parlance (well online anyway). The only people who are supposed to be called TK are me and the junkie med student from Suicide Kings. 
You know, FF Crystal Chronicles is really a sort of Game Boy game. Although I guess it's not easily portable so that takes points off. Still, something to think about.  - TK421
Philip: Trust me on this, I know that other TK. She's crazy... like a... CRAZY PERSON!
Hbomb: Yes, but is she cute?
Philip: She's also MARRIED.
I HAVE RETURNED. - Giant Cupcake
Philip: And Mel Gibson wants to make a movie about you.
Hbomb, with frosting on his face and his mouth full: Did you say something? :)
Valentine's Day is the most overrated holiday ever. It's just an excuse for the candy, card, and jewlery industries to get people to buy their products. If you choose an arbitrary day, give it a name, and promote it like hell, people are gonna buy stuff.
Oh, and by the way, my birthday is February 28. Buy me stuff. ;) - Extremely Bitter Hbomb
Philip: Well, Happy Belated WINTER-EEN-MAS anyways. Don't be sad, I'm sure those creatures that live in your closet love you. FOR DINNER AND SNACKS! Bwa ha ha!
Hbomb: That guy is a genius. And I don't have a closet.
I personally think Lieberman sould have stayed in the race for the sole purpose of having a different religious view on the political race. I no things like that aren't supposed to effect politics, but you have to admit they do. - Shady
Philip: I know.. wonder what would happen if there was a Follower of Eris in the race.
Hbomb: Well, every single US President has been Christian, and all except Kennedy have been Protestant. I wonder which would happen first: first non-Christian president, first woman president, or first black president. I'm sure it's gonna be awhile for any.
Philip: And here I thought Carter counted as the first woman president.
i just realised your obsession with Shantae is *gasp* SEXUAL! i thought this was a PG site.
"wasting time on lowercases and capitals" is the cheesiest song line EVER. = Darkman
Philip: PG? Hey guys! We're PG? Isn't that %#&$ing hilarious? Darn.
Hbomb: Philip's more like a PiG.
Philip resists the urge to take out the Hbomb Gun.
everytime I hear about Liberman, I can't get that one comic out of my mind, i think you guys did know the one...liberMAAAN and he censors videogames and such...oh man, good times. - NEOrockman
Philip: Hey, not to worry! We have archives of that on Snowflake Studios. Once Hbomb fixes it.
Hbomb: LieberMan should be working. ( I actually suggested to Phil that he do a comic about Wesley Clark, but then he dropped out of the race.
Why is it that IGN would give an incredible and fun game like Mario Kart: Double Dash such a low score, but it gives the incredibly bug ridden and glitchy Sonic Heroes "Game of the Month"? - Josh
Philip: Remember before they started making people pay for their site? They were courting funds and sponsoring musical acts like Limp Bizkit. So, it makes sense for IGN to make bad choices. That's why I sold the stock at a loss.
Hbomb: I wanna be a sellout too, but no one's buying.
G459! 50|\/|30|\|3 G07 4 |1\/3J0|_|R|\|4| 4[[0|_||\|7! |=0|_|R |=R33 3\/3|\|!
\/\/007! - Boots
Philip: That's sexy.
H80|\/|8: I have no clue what she just said.
Risky Boots will be my woman! - Bron Raven
Philip: Never! Only she shall swashbuckle me treasure!
Hbomb: I'm staying out of that one.
Wuzup. I read Super Therapy 2 and LAUGHED MY ASS OFF!!!!!! Props to Phillip for the great job. - Mastuh_of_Disastuh
Philip: It's great to be loved. ^_^
Hbomb sits in a corner and cries.
"He doesn't know it yet"? Well, if you meant for it to be a surprise, you wouldn't have posted it. - Hbomb
Philip: Gasp! THE HORROR!!!!
Hbomb: Oops, sorry about that. *puts pants on*
....Yeah....uh.  Yeah.  So, I haven't checked into the site in about a year, and nothing's really changed.  You're still making fun of the same ole' people and commenting on the same ole' stuff, and showing an unwavering bias against all portables that don't carry the Nintendo name, much as you did the last time I visited.  
And while that's not really a bad thing, I guess, given that you are a Gameboy fan-site, it's just kinda stale.  
You run a decent fan-site here, but that's pretty much all it's ever going to be.  You don't really present yourself or your content in a way that differentiates yourself from the miriad of GB fan-sites out there, and given that there are others who do what you do, and better, I'm really amazed that people still visit this nondescript site.  
Well, congrats on your continued success, regardless of how much of a mystery it is to me.  
I'll check back in another year from now, and I'm sure nothing will have changed.  Oh well.  - ....Yeah, my name is dot dot dot.
Philip: Well, if you don't like the site, it's fine with me. I think the reason we have been around for years is that we actually are innovative. We are also consistent. There's really a lot of content on the site and people like it. However, I don't visit too many other sites anymore. I love EAGB; but they update as much as we do currently.. sometimes even less. And IGN is a bit irritating at times. I would love to know about the other GB sites though. As for bias? I like the Tapwave Zodiac and I really liked the Neo Geo Pocket Color; but I reserve to right to diss other systems. Why shouldn't I? It's fun. Glad you visited the site, even if you will never see this reply.
Hbomb: And if I couldn't make fun of XBox, I'd never get any comics done. But seriously, I'm 25 years old. I grew up on Nintendo products. Sure we make fun of Sony and Microsoft. But Nintendo has made some bad choices (N64 being cartridge-based, lack of DVD support, lack of online play). I've been playing the various incarnations of Gameboy since 1991, and I'm not going to stop now.

Use your Screw Attack Shantae!
(Buy her game or suffer greatly!)
She can Power Grip me anyday.
She's not Samus; but that's okay!