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Viral Speak 02-05-2004
Why do birds suddenly appear everytime you are near? Just like me, they want to be close to you..
Philip is listening to: I'm watching So Close. Yes, I really do like that movie.

Great. Liberman's out, I hate Dean, Sharpton's an idiot, and Kerry...he has a crappy name. I don't like Bush either... 
Where's Nader & Perot when ya need them? ;_; - Duke
Philip: I actually agree with some of Bush's policies, so I will be voting for Bush. However, the recent immigration issue and the new entitlements for Medicare and the National Endowment for the Arts annoy me. If I wanted a Democrat, I would have voted for one.  I don't like Nader. Anyone who says the Human Race is better off dead is not getting my vote. Perot was great; but NAFTA was a bad idea. However, I would suggest you try out some Libertarian candidates. There's a few but you have to search for them. You sound like you might enjoy learning about Libertarian views. Here's a good link. I am a Reform Federalist myself. I may be the only one. I believe in the proliferation of democracy worldwide, revamping the UN, tightening trade regulations, ending entitlements, anti-political correctness, I'm pro life with exceptions, I'm for a larger military and smaller government. I think Gay Rights are a fringe issue foisted upon the public by bored people with nothing better to do than to flaunt private matters as if they were something important. In other words, what you do in your bedroom is not MY problem. Don't make it my problem. I'm running for President in 2016. I will most likely be running on the Republican ticket; but I'm not a Republican. Oh, Sharpton's a racist, not just an idiot. Edwards is a bit like Hitler, and Kerry is a two-faced, medal-tossing pussy.
Nintendo's planning to release a dual-color, silver and black GBASP.
Why do I have this feeling that the idea was proposed by a Raiders fan? - Bron Raven
Philip: We can only hope that is not the case. *cues the conspiracy music*
I find it repeatedly humorous how you say "tomorrow" but we all know you mean "next week" and that's if we're lucky! - Boots
Philip: Yes, I have made procrasination an art form.
I like RTSs, RPGs, Tactics Games, Girls, Playback Compatibility, Monsters destroying cities, that Impacto Robot, Cheese, Portable Consoles that come in MANY colors, girls, Monster Raising Games, Music Games, Ketchup WITH Fries (You will soon come to understand the ways of I?Neo), Bizarre Games, Gitaroo Man (If You can sell me that Game, I will do ANYTHING has long has you are a girl), Rez, Amplitud, Weird Crazy things that nobody likes, gags in movies, cameo references, people set in fire and THEN Jumping off the Mountain*City because they thought that their son was dead in a battle with orcs, Flashy Effects, Girls, Amusing Websites, Journals, Drawing, small personal opinions, eBay (It AMUSES ME), money, power, I like big boss fights with enhanced music, I HATE YOU, LI*GRIM, I also like girls, I love the GameCube, I also like the zerg, I sing orcs-sing-alongs, I like the new french class, I like my newest drawing, I like to see friends, I like to OWNage people on GunBound, I would like a new pc, I want fries with this, I also like girls.
BUT, I still miss Dragon Warrior Monsters 3 : Caravan Heart ;_; WHEN ITS COMMING? - Imakuni? Neo
Philip: Umm.. Eventually.
Oh, Philip!  When are you gonna get an XBOX???  LOL  ; ) - TK
Philip: When you buy me one.
^.^ GBDS?! By gum. Has any real info been released on this or is nintendo being mysterious once again? -Roketto
Philip: Probably just Nintendo being MYSTERIOUS!
I have four questions.
1.  Which to buy: Advance Wars 2, Fire Emblem, or Metroid Fusion?
2.  Need a review for Megaman Zero?
3.  Think there's any possibility of Megaman X, X2, and X3 being redone for GBA?  That would be most awesome.
4.  Do these pants make my butt look big? CZ
Philip: Zero Mission. Sure. Would be great. Absolutely.
Have you played Beyond Good & Evil yet? It's so good it's made me wet myself.
...chronically! - Cheeba_puff
Philip: Indeed!

I want to be close to her.
(Buy her game or suffer greatly!)
Come on. Who does not want to be close to Shantae?
Why do stars fall down from the sky? Just to be close to her.