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Viral Speak 01-23-2004
Strangely enough, people have things to say about the Nintendo DS. GASP! SURPRISE!.
Philip is listening to: I'm watching Run Lola Run. Well, without the subtitles on because German isn't too hard a language to understand and this movie is more visual and musical than anything else.

DS seems interesting at the very least. If it's not too expensive, I'll get it. btw, I've heard it has an ARM9 and ARM7 processor for screens. Ah well. Here's to it! I think it will be interesting to compare it to the PSP. - DGCricket
Philip: Graphics wise, it'll probably be comparable to the PSP.
DS. I was wondering: How large are the current Cube memory cards? It would be one readily available read/write format, and I'm sure they could increase the read times within that size (or extending it outward, that wouldn't hurt). This would allow you to use DS data with Cube applications or (maybe with a pack-in boot disc) even online. If you thought Nintendo's connectivity manifesto was only going to extend to the GBA/GCN thing you've got another thing coming, I say. - TK421
Philip: Nintendo has a few surprises I would say. So.. yes. BE AFRAID.
Nintendo DS?
... why does this smells to me like a Virtual Boy-ish like strategy?
Yeah the old "Release something new and trash it down after one year because we are releasing a BETTER Thing that ACTUALLY does what its supposed to do"
Oh well, I wanna see if its an Unique piece of Software or it has A SEXY playback also - Imakuni? Neo
Philip: The problem with the Virtual Boy is that it had a bad rep from eye doctors and it didn't have the games to support it's life span. However, I think the DS will be able to co-exist with the GBA and the GCN properly. Nintendo has had several instances where they had three viable systems coming along. (NES, SNES, and Game Boy at one time. They released Kirby's Adventure and Super Mario Bros. 3 while supporting the SNES as well.) They can squeeze the DS in here easily between the Game Boy Advance to Game Boy Next gap and still make it viable. As for the Pokemon Mini? The only reason that did not take off is because there were only TWO places to buy the damn thing at.
Wowie. Philip ISN'T dead! 
Hurrah ^_^ - Boots
Philip: I'm happy for that too. OH! Happy Birthday!!!
Hey Phil, you heard about the Famicom re-releases for GBA over in Japan?  'Course you have, forgot who I was talking to...  Anyway, what do you think the chances are of Nintendo putting 'em all on one cartridge and bringing them over here? - CX (Mmmmm...  Bomberman goodness...)
Philip: Chances are your chances are, awfully good.
I was looking at my IGN wishlist thingy earlier, and I noticed some very unwelcome red text. I dare not type such an unholy sentence, therefore I have copied & pasted it in hope that it may be refuted. Those with weak stomachs should not read the following:
The game "Mythri" was cancelled. 
My browser feels dirty. If this Speak wasn't so Viral I don't think I could pass this on, but, there you have it. - TK421
Philip: I shouldn't print so much of your stuff. Other people may get jealous. However, Mythri for GBA is NOT canceled. It has a publisher and a release date of later this year. I even got to play the early demo at E3. IGN is just full of shit; but you and I already know that.
(Zim=Dvd)+(Me)=Bliss - Drunk and Bitter Jesus
Philip: I concur Buddy Jesus!
Pat the bunny, you know you want to! - Horrace
Philip: YAY! Bunny patting.
5. Whiniest Girly Man: Mewt from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Wah wah, so your mother died, your dad is a bum, and people make fun of you. BOO HOO. Now go cut your hair.
thats sad! youre apparently not one to feel sorry for family deaths. either that or he must have been REALLY annoying. i put up with it in Golden Sun. - Darkman
Philip: Trust me, Mewt is one of those guys that you want to slap like a bitch; because he whines like one.
Sorry Raven, but I doubt we'll see Freakazoid on DVD for about 20 years and EWJ will probably never see the light of day again. Which really makes me sad, as I liked EWJ.
The 2003 Golden Spubthingies Award!
Best GBA Color - Special Edition Char Aznable GBA SP. I WANT IT!
Best Re-Released 10,000 times game - Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Best reason to get a GBA Player - Wario Ware. Easy to get more people addicted.
Best Side-Scroller - Super Mario Advance 4 (Runner-up: Viewtiful Joe)
Worst Sequel - Yu-Gi-Oh! The Sacred Cards
Best Sequel - Super Mario Advance 4 (Runner-up: Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga)
Best Pizza-licious game - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
And now a look into 2004:
Most Wanted: GCN - Pokémon Colliseum, StarFox 2 (That will change in a couple months, but still)
Most Wanted: GBA - Pokémon Fire Red/Ocean Blue, Sonic Battle
Most Interesting - 6th Pokémon Movie being released on GameCube
Least Interesting - PSP. Wow. It makes me excited. So excited I think I'm gonna take a nap.
Least Wanted - N-Gage. At least the Sidekick has its own anime.
Lastly, is it just me, or is Nintendo going to own Capcom soon? I mean, Capcom helped develop 3 Zelda games and has released/will release a bunch of games to Nintendo-only, it seems like Capcom is the new Rare. Except Capcom doesn't suck right now. - Duke
Philip: Ah, Freakazoid is a Spielberg cartoon.. we've more a chance of Animaniacs on DVD before that one.
Peach's voice shall be the mustard in Cackletta's sandwhich! Mustard of doom!! Now prepare for destruction. I HAVE FURY!!!! - Fawful
Philip: FURY!
You know, it makes perfect sense. The minute I sit down and play through the original NES Metroid I unlocked by connecting a completed Metroid Fusion to Metroid Prime on GameCube, they announce that the long-known Zero Mission is in fact a remake of that very game, and now you're telling me that when I beat it I'll merely unlock that very same game AGAIN?? How many places do I have to unlock and play the NES Metroid before someone finishes Metroid II DX? Honestly!
PEE ESS: That's called a 'twist ending'. - TK421
Philip: Well, this time NES Metroid is.. portable. YAY! Okay.. just one more letter from you and then I put you INTO THE BOX.
Whoops, I wasn't really done there. I forgot to say that I'm getting a little tired of these countless remakes. Not because I don't like them, indeed they're a blessing, but because I don't want to have more than one of EACH. Colour DX version, E-Reader version, Advance version, secret unlockable version in another game - which one am I supposed to buy?? Why do they all cost different amounts and have different features, and how the heck can I trust Nintendo not to release more and better versions? I wish they would take a page out of Shinji Mikami's book and consolidate their remakes onto just one platform, even if they don't end up selling as well there. - TK421
Philip: It's a little like buying a movie and then having a Criterion Collection and a Superbit version of it coming out. Just weigh what you want.. or buy them all! Now.. INTO THE BOX!!!!!!!!

(Buy her game or suffer greatly!)
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