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Viral Speak 01-07-2004
You know what gets me? Doing a Viral Speak, while watching a movie. I'm collecting Quentin Tarintino films and various "film noir" and "pulp cinema" films. I put a special order on Versus and Once Upon a Time in the West. One is a damn silly Japanese flick; but is still waaay amusing. The other is one of the best Spaghetti Westerns ever. I kind of want to emphasize what SARS is really about. You see, I watch live action movies and there are some good ones out there. I will also be buying a PlayStation Portable sometime in the future, and it would make sense to have a spot to rant about how good or suck the games are.
Philip is listening to: I'm watching Pulp Fiction.. I digs this movie.

I just got Shantae brand new for twenty bucks. Is that a good deal? - Josh
Philip: Damn Straight it's a good deal and NOW you don't have to SUFFER greatly.
TACO SALAD!!! - Random Insanity
Philip: That's a good date.
I love the E-reader connectivity in SMB3. I'd love to see a Zelda game with the same concept. - Hbomb
Philip: I could almost bet money that we will see that in the new Legend of Zelda game that will be debuted at E3. I can't wait to see what they do with it.
m00. Milk me, honey. - Miltank
Philip: Just doing my best to keep the bovine's non-mad.
Long Rants Scare me.... - Imakuni? Neo
Philip: Really? *puts his pants back on*
I really like this guy but he doesn't like me because he is a poo poo head! - Poopdog
Philip: You should kill him then. Kiss-kiss, bang-bang, click and then the drop.
If screaming death monkies from outer space attacked earth with a gun made of used disposable cameras, that fired cheese biscuts, would you rise to the occasion and counter attack with super rat bombs?
*Gets hit with a cheese biscut going at 300 mph* - Newhook_1
Philip: And all to the tune of a hickory stick.
Invader Zim is gonna be released on DVD.
Do you think Freakazoid and Earthwrom Jim are far behind? - Bron Raven
Philip: Three DVDs and every single episode of Invader Zim PLUS the unfinished episodes. That's just a pure GirGasm.
Help! Fire Emblem has devoured my soul! I find myself unable to tear myself away from it for days at a time. I find myself unable to resist playing the same chapters over and over for 2 or more days straight, just to get all my characters for the level up to obscene levels in the arenas without losing anyone. 
In that respect it kinda reminds me of FFTA, actually. 
And to think, after I'm done with Fire Emblem, I have M&L:SS waiting to take control of my soul. Woo! - Charizard2000
Philip: Your soul will never be free.
My First...
1. Tastiest Color of the Year - 4-way Tie! : Cobalt, Fire, Onyx and Platinum (Runner Ups : Tactics White, PokeOrange and Mana Blue)
2. Drug of the Year : Final Fantasy Tactics Advance - Oh yeah! Its the last mission before I go to sleep... what? its already 5 am? ..... ok, then I turn it off, put M&L:SS because I gtta be early for tomorrow´s Test (Runner Ups : Fire Emblem, Advance Wars 2)
3. Best Use of Pants in a Game : Mario & Luigi - Supah*Star Saga. You cant deny it, Pants save your arse and enhance your manly mustaches! (Runner up : --- )
4. Best Reason to be Infected : Metroid Fusion - Got SA-X, Get Dizzy (Runner Up : Dr. Wario)
5. Most Kickass-but-Lame Game Character : Master Otenko (Boktai - The Sun is in your Hand), Yeah... perhaps he is the master of the Taiyo Arts... but he is a Frickin Flower! in a KILL-A-ZOMBIE Game! (runner up - Tingle, WindWaker)
6. The GBA Game of the Year for I?Neo : 3-way Tie! - Boktai, FFTA and M&L: Super*Star Saga (Runner Ups - WarioWare, Zelda : 4-Swords, Mario Bros 3)
7. Best use of Monsters in a GC Game : Godzilla - Destroy all Monsters Melee! (Runner Up - Pokemon Channel)
8. Best Party Game : Mario Kart : DD!! (Runner Up - Mario Party 5)
9. Best Use of Extras and other Goodies in a Series - Zelda Saga with Two Special Bonus Disks and Extra Game Mode in GBA Remake of A Link to The Past. (Runner Ups : Mario Kart, GC Bundle, Prince of Persia : Sands of Time, Pac-Man World 2 and Pac-man Vs.)
10. Worst Story of the Year : Go Go Hypergrind! - Who Skatesboards to save his Dad? (Runner Up - Super Monkey Balls 2)
Philip: And thus ends your LONG RANT.
I read teh site - Shady
Philip: Thank you.
i can't decide which game i want more, FFTA or Super Mario Advance 4. - BAHZ
Philip: Buy both!
We all have our drugs... Some just taste better than others. - Boots
Philip: Kisses are drugs, both addicting and terrifying. They make you high, they take you low. But oh what a thing when pure.

What did he do?
(Buy her game or suffer greatly!)
Genie Fiction
I want to give her a foot massage!