Why didn't THEY think of that?
-By Curtis Glass-
-Something with crows.-
-Posted 04/03/2006-

Every year, no perhaps every day, I am amazed by something in the video game world; whether it be the truly awe-inspiring graphics of the Source engine, or how fun Karaoke can be with some simple voice analysis -- No matter how many games are produced, it appears there will always be those ideas that seem obvious to so many (or maybe just me), yet are never produced/capitalized upon.

Wishful thinking..I am sure you have already noticed the lovely photoshopped image of my latest 'Obvious Idea' to the right. Yes, that's correct, it says Diablo 2 DS (the expansion part is more of a technicality I suppose). You might be asking yourself 'so what, who cares if they do or don't port diablo to the DS, or any handheld for that matter?' -- The importance is not so much about this individual game, but about all games, and the future of a magnificently interwoven gaming experience.
Imagine buying a game online, downloading it, and installing it on your home PC, much like the Steam service from Valve. Now picture yourself installing a companion edition, over the web, onto a handheld device, like the DS. What if you could play, chat, and find new/different secrets only available on certain clients all in one ultimately collective experience? It does not have to stop there either, there are so many devices with ample processing power that just goes to waste (Cell Phones, PDAs, Cars, Refrigerators?); I say let us have them all hunting for items!

I was also reminded the other day
of how entertaining it is to be a part of a well written story that has so many secrets, twists, and turns, that you truly are amazed rather than disgustingly eager to PWN some noobs. Ultimately, I would like to see this companionship between different platforms on both vintage and new titles as a way to expand and develop the gaming scene. I do think we are headed in the right direction, but I really would love to see some of our old favorites expand in this fashion. (Can you say Heroes anyone?) I leave you with this rendition of what Diablo should look like if Blizzard reads this and falls for my Jedi Mind Tricks.
I would tap that.

-Curtis Glass

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