Keeping it on the low
Setting The Scene
-By Megan Akemi Duarte-
-You just wish you knew her.-
-Posted 03/31/2006-

First of all, let me start out by giving you a little bit of my gaming history.  I am a 21 year old female who has been playing videogames since I was 4.  I once had (and still have) every gaming console since the NES generation all the way up to the PS2 generation*.  I have a TurboGrafx that still works. (Anyone who knows that one gets a cookie.) I also own an Atari, I keep it stored away with my Xbox.  I am more than your average gamer. That being said, I can go on with my bitching.

Now, because I am a girl, it seems that everyone stereotypes me as A: poser, B: shitty at games, C: girlfriend of a guy that's a gamer, or D: Tetris player (and I mean ONLY Tetris.). I am just like some of you, with game cases stacked in my room, the occasional gaming mag here and there and a TON of gaming crap, from Mario '?' block speakers to stuffed 1/1 scale Mew.  I am not a 'Hot Topic' gamer, I do not buy Mario and Zelda T-shirts just because they're cool.  It *is* a requirement for my boyfriend to be a gamer, although it does not mean he has to be as into it as me (I am usually the better gamer.). Yes, I do
like cutesy games, hell, I am a girl. What girl could resist something as cute as Katamari Damacy or Animal Crossing?  Even if I do like those 'easy' games, please do not underestimate me, I can go from tending my farm and writing letters to the rhinoceros next door to sniping terrorists and throwing hadoukens with the best of 'em easily.  Okay, I admit it - I do like Tetris, though I think Tetris Attack is way way way more fun.

I love videogames.  I love them in every way, shape and form. I love all kinds, from RPG to strategy to puzzle to action adventure.  (The only kind I do not like?  Sports.  Get your ass off the couch if you want to play baseball, damn it.)  I am the kind of girl who carries her DS in her designer purse.  My dream is to own a full size arcade cabinet for in my house, maybe a Guitar Freaks or Pump it UP!, something fun like that.  I love to kick guys asses in Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 in the arcade and hear their friends laugh at them.  Videogames make me happy.  They bring me joy, relieve stress and improve my hand/eye coordination, and that is how it should be.

However, I do have a huge weakness for import games. Yes, I am one of those idi- um, I mean, 'fanatical' people who will shell out $65-95 for a Japanese game, or $250 for a Japan-only Mew Edition DS. I own Jump Super Stars (If you do not own this, you should. It is AWESOME).  I own a Japanese Nintendogs (So, I had it WAY before you. Nyah nyah!).  I am SO close to buying Rainbow Islands DS and Bubble Bobble DS, because I damn near had a stroke when I saw them.  (I love those games.  I love them LONG time. Now we just need a Kickle Cubicle port and I will be set!) I'd tell you about my other Japan games, but hell, this is a Game Boy site, so we'll keep that for another time.  Now, back to the point at hand, yes, I will spend ridiculous amounts of money on games that I can only understand some of.  This does stop me from buying text-heavy games, but I guess if I really really really wanted it, I would still buy it. I wish more Japan-only games got translated for US consumption, though I do think that it should be in the spirit of the original game.  (The bastardization that is the Shonen Jump version of Naruto for the GC and GBA makes me cry.) I really don't think that it is too much to spend an extra $20 or so to own a game that you would otherwise never see in the US. I realize that I am luckier than most, I have relatively easy access to Japanese games and goods.  As long as you really want it and it makes you happy, it's always a justified purchase, no matter what your mom says! (Mine thinks I am crazy.)  Even if you can not read Japanese, you can find EVERYTHING online now... just find a FAQ and off you go!

My hobby has turned into a $300-$500 a month addiction!  I think I need a support group.

'Hi, my name is Akemi, and i'm a gaming addict...'

*Curious as to what I own?  Here's the list.
Super NES
Nintendo 64
Game Cube
Game Boy
Game Boy Advance
Game Boy Advance SP (3 of 'em, in fact)
Nintendo DS (2)
Game Boy Micro (Limited Edition Famicom series from Japan)
Turbo Grafx
Turbo Grafx Express
DreamCast w/VMU
Play Station
Play Station 2
Play Station Portable

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