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-By Curtis Glass-
-Wheeled and dealed-
-Posted 04/22/2005-

I do not remember first what turned me on to online Poker, was it the thrill of live cards in the comfort of my own home? Or was it the fact that I could play with anyone in the world at any time? Whatever the cause of the obsession, one limitation to the game became immediately apparent. Playing against anyone is good, but why not add anywhere to that list. No, seriously, let's add anywhere to that list. This is where the Nintendo DS truly comes to the table. The Nintendo DS, with its dual screens, touch controls, and sexy buttons, is the perfect compliment for an entertaining skill-based card game like Poker. To my current knowledge there is only 1 available poker game that unfortunately does not include wi-fi online support, and five on the way that do intend to include it. This is a great shuffle in the right direction.

However, Poker is not Poker without
betting some form of money, and/or clothing. Sadly, it has come to my attention that none of these games will be offering a way to bet any amount of real money. I have played some of those disappointing poker games available for the Game Boy Advance, and some of the ones that are available for your PC. Without the thrill of real money betting, it simply is not the same game. Even if you play for play money on any of the popular gaming websites, I would challenge you to find a hand where SOMEONE does not go all in. Without the risk of real money, there is no challenge or mental tax to the game. As for online Poker games? I prefer, but there are other quality sites including and I wonder how these types of games would be on the Nintendo DS.

Hence my demand:
Nintendo, release a mobile Poker game that could allow all of us Poker fans to play for real money over our wi-fi networks. You could even have all of the characters be from Nintendo games, heck you could have Mario be the dealer, and Peach could walk around with refreshments. I look forward to the development of this ingenious idea, and I await my demo copy for testing.


-Curtis Glass-

-We can bet on it!-
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