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-By Philip Wesley-
-ADV is teh SUCK-
-Article formally from Animosity series-
-Posted 03/15/2005-

Anime Philip wants to see: Oh! My Goddess TV
Anime DVD Philip NEEDS: R.O.D. The TV Volume 6
Last Anime DVDs Philip Bought:
Gantz Volume 1 & Popotan Volume 1

Oh, damn it. Philip is going to talk about ANIME. Yes I am. Don't worry. You will still get a Philip Rational. I'm collecting stuff for The War Machine Part 5. It is coming. This last Saturday, I got an influx of NEWNESS and I had to tell you about it. Also, anime SUCKS and someone needs to tell you about how MUCH it sucks. Don't worry, this is just a general Philip Rational. But.. with ANGER!

Every month, ADV sends me a copy of ADV Advocates. Of course, this is also for the anime club I am a part of, but I will also review each disc on this site for you to peruse. Aside from the questionable hand out material which amounts to a fancy advertisement featuring their original anime mascot "Kristen the anime girl." In this handout, she interviews Greg Ayres. He is a guy with funny hair who voices a character in the BADASS show E's Otherwise. These DVDs also feature like five episodes of random new anime. I will watch each episode in DUB and (sometimes SUB) and then tell you the percentage of if I would buy into it or not. I watch it in DUB because the people at ADV put a lot of fucking time and effort into making these dubs and people who do not give dubs a real chance are doing a REAL disservice to the people who make anime a VIABLE market in the USA. I will also review the trailers -not counting the front loaded ones- as well.

This disc for MARCH contains
  • Maburaho - Episode 1
  • Cromartie High School - Episode 1
  • Gravion Zwei - Episode 1 & 2
  • Full Metal Panic - Episode 1

MABURAHO - I had no interest in this show what so freaking ever until I saw this. Now it's on my list to buy. I love the ending theme and the DUB is pretty good. I find this show to be a funny, if not slightly cross between shows like Love Hina and umm.. Bewitched with a little bit of nearly Tenchi Muyo-esque naughty! Until NEGIMA comes out over here.. this will be my Magical Harem Show. Ha ha! I think all the dub actors did a good job of getting the story across. The main character is voiced by an apparently new voice actor. Cool.

Cromartie High School - They had me sold with the previous disc, but this episode just reaffirms why I intend to buy Cromartie High School. The original Trailer at AKON did nothing for me. Watching this show has determined that it will be a good one for me to pick up. Opening and ending themes rock. The dub has a few cusswords. If over use of the term "Bad ass" bothers you, switch to subs.

Gravion ZWEI - The music and animation here rock, but storyline wise.. this is more or less a renter first. I will have to see more episodes of it before I make a choice. I am going to rent the first season and see if I wanna invest in this show. They yell out the names of the attacks! Gotta love an old style Giant Combining Robot show! Oh, yeah! Definately a renter. Too busy with other series to buy into this one though. G-DRILLER! G-WHATEVER! GOOOOOOOO!

Full Metal Panic - I wish this was FUMOFFU, but it's not. It is the original series that I have already bought all of. The series rocks though. It is being released in a box set, so it is here for that reason. Definately worth picking up.

Buy Potentials!
BV = Before Viewing AV = After Viewing
Maburaho - BV30% AV90%
Cromartie High School - BV40% AV90%
Gravion Zwei - BV10% AV65%
Full Metal Panic - N/A

Trailer Reviews!

MADLAX - This is Noir 2, I swear. The person talking just completely KILLS the mood of the trailer. They really should just go with straight music here. I can't wait to see this show. They better give me MADLAX Sock Puppetry in one of the extras.

Maburaho - You know? THIS TRAILER SUCKS ASS. But the Harry Potter reference is funny.

Cromartie High School - I like this one. The voice works for it and it gets the point across. Also the theme music is serious.

The Five Star Stories - THIS TRAILER KICKS ASS. Love it! I'm sold. Sign me up!

Gatchaman - Neat. Retrolicious. Illicited a slight yawn. Not really my thing, but a nice trailer none the less.

Noir - The BAD trailer. Oh, well. Just play the damn music and show the damn action. Also, don't loop the MOST ANNOYING PART OF THE FREAKING SONG! And the voice interlude.. "How can you be..." SHUT UP!

A Tree of Palme - Adequately creepy tune and trailer. Very disappointing use of dub clips.

Full Metal Panic - Ah. Good trailer. I love this show and I love the trailer. But this trailer is all music and images. THAT WORKS. Stupid voice overs don't work on all shows.

Divergence Eve - Damn! This trailer makes this show look cool! I saw the first episode... maybe I should rent this one? Music and action.

Gravion ZWEI - They make this only semi-naughty show look naughtier, but it's a good trailer. Sadly, no YELLING OUT THE NAMES OF ATTACKS! Oh, well.

ADV Toys - Woo! These trailers are all talk and pictures, but they work. MENCHI TOYS!

ADV Manga - Well, these work okay. No real comment on that.

Anime Network - Hey. This is a trailer for Gantz (Bad ass!) and a trailer for begging for their network channel. Neat, I guess.

Until next time! Remember! Milk-Chan on Adult Swim SUCKS. Milk-Chan on DVD rules.

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