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How to use The Download Guide.
  1. Click on the name of the downloadable content service that you wish to know information about!
  2. Plan your purchases based on the information we provide!
  3. ????
  4. Be Happy.
What information does The Download Guide provide?
  • The sizes in MegaBytes or Blocks of the games available on the listed downloadable content services.
  • The ESRB ratings for the games available.
  • The initial prices for the games available. We do not adjust them for sales or price drops.
  • We do not remove items from the list if they are removed from the service.
  • We do not list the size total at the bottom for the Nintendo Switch due to the weird math behind GB/MB sizes.
  • We have applied a freeze to covering Sony handhelds due to their lack of transparency on sizes. (You have to actually purchase a product to see the size of the product.)
Anything else we should know?
    • 1GigaByte (GB) is 1,080 MB.
    • Due to a communication error in how space is marketed and how it is actually utlized, 16GB of advertised space is actually 14.8GB.
    • When calculating the space you have in a card, just add 1000 to it (So, 4 GB becomes 4,000)  and then divide that number by 1,080.
    • Nintendo uses a weird alphabetization method where "Z" would come before a lower case "a."
    • I do not know why they do that, but part of the list reflects their choice.
    • Some games take additional space for Save Files and Settings.
    • All of the games listed have been verified through their respective devices.
    • On some of the lists, there is additional combined information.